Administrative Rights

Policy regarding granting of administrative rights on University-owned computers.

For faculty members, LS IT will grant administrative rights upon request. Depending on pre-existing departmental policies, administrative rights may not be granted by default, but will be granted upon request. For faculty labs, LS IT will consult with the lab PIs to determine a lab policy for whom should be granted administrative rights. Our best practice is to create a separate administrative account rather than granting administrative rights to a primary user account.

For administrative staff members, administrative rights will be granted at the request of the senior departmental manager, typically the CAO, Chair or Director.

PLEASE NOTE: Working with an account that has administrative rights entails greater risk of virus, malware, and spyware infections or of other security compromises like escalation of privilege. Consequently, people working with administrative accounts should exercise greater caution. We encourage our customers to do day-to-day work—particularly work that entails network access—using a non-administrative account.